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Happy Cats Yoga and Mindfulness

“Developing positive well-being for children”


Tuesdays – 4.00pm – 4:45pm (term times)


At Happy Cats we teach Yoga and Mindfulness in creative, fun and engaging ways.  We teach through storytelling, poems, music, non-competitive team-building games, creative movement, artwork, meditations, breath work, visualisations and relaxation.  We tailor lessons to the specific needs of the children and make cross-curricular links with subjects such as, Literacy, P.E., Science and PSHE.


Happy Cats was created by Alice Pillans, a qualified Primary School Teacher with eight years classroom experience, and a record of achieving outstanding in observations.  She has had whole-school responsibility for developing Literacy and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education), with further experience of being Key Stage 1 Phase Leader (5-7 year olds), and is a certified Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness instructor.  


The classes are born out of Alice’s love of teaching children with Yoga and Mindfulness.  She is passionate about developing children’s cognitive, physical, social, emotional and mental well-being, in a ‘whole child’ approach.  


And it’s never been more important, as research shows children of all ages are becoming increasingly stressed and down-hearted in today’s busy, hectic world; which if left unchecked can lead to a deterioration in children’s overall well-being.  Yoga and Mindfulness provides the perfect solution, teaching children ways to relax both body and mind, facilitating healthy body awareness, concentration, creativity and confidence, whilst fostering compassionate, resilient and happy individuals. 


Furthermore, where most sports are competitive, Yoga and Mindfulness are a fantastic way of developing children’s physicality in a purposeful, positive, fully inclusive and non-competitive environment. This builds children’s self-esteem while developing their strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination.


Alice’s only regret with Yoga and Mindfulness, is that she didn’t discover it at an earlier age.  If she had, she believes it could have helped her through the trickier points of childhood.


Which is why Happy Cats aims to introduce children to Yoga and Mindfulness as early on as possible. By laying a strong foundation, and building a love of the practice, we give children a tool by which to lead happier and healthier lives.


To arrange a free trial class, please contact Alice on 07709490690

Or Email happycatslondon@gmail.com

Feel free to visit https://www.facebook.com/happycatslondon/ for regular updates.