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About The Barre

Barre is an intelligent fusion of pilates, ballet and interval training. You get a total body and comprehensive workout as you lift, tone, sculpt and lengthen your muscles through isometric and isolated movements and focus on proper alignment/form, flexibility and posture. What you get is a low impact, high intensity full body workout. In each class you will work on all the major muscle groups, with a combination of strengthening and lengthening.


It’s deeply challenging but results are fast.

  • improved strength and stability
  • a toned sculpted physique
  • better alignment
  • reduced body fat


Suitable for every fitness level, modifications and adjustments are made to challenge everyone safely. Classes are set to music and are 55 minutes long.


Ballet Barre – Our signature class. This is an intense, high tempo class using music to pace your work.  Suitable for all but especially those who relish a more intense experience with quicker results


Smooth Barre – Set to funkier, more soulful (some would say better!) soundtrack, this is a less intense workout. This class is suitable for all, but particularly suited to beginners, or those who like a ‘gentler’ workout or want to focus on form.


Cardio Barre – a harder, faster, and altogether more intense workout.


Barre Privates  – for those who appreciate a more tailored approach to their workout, and who want to get faster results. Our teachers will focus on what’s important to you and structure a programme so you’re working at your best to achieve you goals. Our private lessons are also particularly good if you need special considerations, or aren’t ready to dive straight into the group classes.



We also have Teen Barre classes, which are exactly the same as the Ballet Barre classes but for the under 18’s only. Barre for children can be particularly beneficial because of the focus on alignment, posture and balance, as well as the fact it’s a great body strengthening programme.