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Behind the Barre

We own the local and successful Pilates by the Green. It has been in the suburb for over 10 years so we’d like to think we know the area and the people well.

We’ve built up a solid reputation for quality service, professionalism and integrity in our work. It’s a place without ego, and welcoming. So, our aim for the Barre will be to replicate that atmosphere.

Suneeta Chadha, who is classically trained in ballet, has been a Pilates Teacher and studio owner for over 18 years. She is the driving force behind the studio, and in charge of the day to day running of classes.

“I love teaching Barre. The fusion of Pilates, ballet and choreography makes for a great total body workout. My background of ballet and Pilates gives me enhanced skills in alignment and form. For clients it means a focused workout, with emphasis on quality and control. 

People often ask what makes our classes different to other barre Studios. The dance based Barre we do here is the most complicated style to teach. So the teachers are absolutely key.

Firstly, I’ve steered away from Personal Trainers, preferring to find teachers with a movement/dance background. Secondly, I’ve taken on teachers who have had extensive training to be where they are now, so that adding the Barre element is an effortless add-on to their ability.