Yoga | Raise The Barre


Saturdays 11:20am

Our Yoga classes are a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa. So you get a balanced workout of both soft and hard styles of Yoga. One of the key benefits of this system is that it’s easier to incorporate different ability levels.

Hatha means forceful in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language that is the source of most of yoga’s terminology. Try a hatha class if the idea of gentler yoga appeals to you or seems right for your body. It can be a great introduction to yoga, but shouldn’t be mistaken for easy yoga since it can still be challenging both physically and mentally. Hatha classes provide an opportunity to stretch, unwind, and release tension, providing a good counterpoint to both busy lifestyles and cardio workouts.

Vinyasa is a more powerful, dynamic and movement based style of Yoga. Vinyasa, also called flow because of the smooth way that the poses run together, is one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga.